Pipe Clamp Range

'E-Z' Fit Red Pipe Clamps 

Range: 1" - 12" o/d

As the name suggest the "E-Z' Fit' pipe clamps are quick and easy to use. Three sizes of clamps are available covering a range of pipe from 1" to 12" nominal bore. Instant centring combines speed accuracy and safety. These clamps are used on pipe to pipe, flanges, elbows, "T" pieces and reducers.The 'E-Z' Fit Pipe clamps can be used on stainless steel without any additional accessories due to the feet and screws beingmade from stainless steel, preventing contamination of the pipe.

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'E-Z' Fit Gold Pipe Clamps

Range: 1"-14" o/d
A new addition to the 'E-Z' Fit range is the 'E-Z' Gold series, boasting an increased range of up to 14" o/d and manufactured from forged steel for increased strength. Stainless steel roller balls are fitted as standard to the wing bolts. The "E-Z" Gold Clamps can be used on stainless steel by fitting the optional stainless steel feet to prevent contamination.      

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'E-Z' Fit Pipe Chain Clamps

Range: 10"-240" o/d

Designed to offer the welder the best of both worlds. Firstly, a clamp with the strength and ability to align and lightly reform pipes. And secondly, lightweight design and construction for ease of use. The feet of the clamp can be positioned equally around the chain to achieve an accurate pipe alignment in very little time. The 'E-Z' Fit Pipe Chain Clamp can fit-up elbows, T-pieces, flanges, end caps and most other pipe fittings. Models are available for carbon and stainless steel.

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'E-Z' Fit Double Pipe Chain Clamps

Range: 10" - 240" o/d

Our range of 'E-Z' Fit Double Pipe Chain Clamps are designed for the aligning and reforming of pipes and vessels with diameters up to 6 meters (20’) with large schedules, our design can reform up to schedule 80 and align all schedules. Our Specialized heavy duty clamping feet and double chain lock devices can deal with the most difficult of reforming jobs with operational ease. These clamps are the strongest on the market..



Cage Clamps

Range: 2" - 120" o/d

Cage Clamps are the cost effective method to quickly align a single size of pipe. There are three versions available; manual, ratchet and hydraulic. These are available in two styles, either "Tack" or "No Tack". The tack type has straight cross bars and is removed from the pipe before final welding. The more popular no tack model has arched cross bars to permit a 90% circumferential weld without removing the clamp.

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'E-Z' Fit Internal Spider clamps

Range: 10 - 940mm i/d

A new addition to our range of welding fit-up clamps is the Spider series of internal clamps, these i/d locking clamps enable one man operation in the fit-up of a variety of fittings, including elbows, flanges, T-Pieces from 10mm to 940mm i/d. The unique locking system enables the operator to make minor adjustment to the fit-up prior to welding. When you need rapid and precise fit-ups, the Spider Series of pipe clamps are the answer.

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Rim Clamps

Range: 12" - 72"

Designed for aligning and reforming pipes with extreme tensile strengths, and capable of handling out of round wall thicknesses up to 51mm.

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Rotary Earth Clamp

No more tangled earth leads

A simple yet effective device eliminates earth lead twisting, tangling and unneccesary wear. Provides a stable earth for circumferential welding of pipes and fittings and eleminates weld pinholes caused by poor earthing.

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